• 7 rooms of fun, plus bonus editor cave!

  • Over 300 pieces! Including functioning conference room phone and barely functioning conference room projector

  • Simulates a real agency environment! Perfect for boys and girls ages 4+


The Team

From Creative to Accounting, we’ve got all the personnel your child needs to imagine their very own mid-sized agency. 

Bag of Interns
FREE with proof of purchase

What do they do? Not a whole lot. But beware. At least one is the boss’ nephew.

Client Decoder Ring

A guaranteed* way to get clarity on even  the most puzzling feedback. 
*works only 40% of the time

The Clients
They’re the bad guys who pay the bills. And they’ve got all the notes your child needs to work right on through the weekend.

Stretch The Budget

The game that asks, “How much something can you make out of nothing?!”

Insta-Creative Glasses

Now any hack can hack it in the Creative Department, thanks to this clever disguise.


“The product was delivered exactly as described. The attention to detail with this toy is amazing. My daughter is enjoying the playset and she dreams of working in advertising one day. Great value and customer service.”

"I don't know if this is a scam or if mine was broken, but it doesn't work and I am still getting abducted by UFOs on a regular basis."
“Bought for my five year old as a birthday gift. He loved it! The box was smaller than expected but it had all the pieces. When I say smaller, I was surprised that the package held everything! So I don't mean that to sound negative.”

“Better than violent videos! You can morally corrupt your child for only a couple hundred, including tax. A bargain today with a payoff tomorrow.”

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